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I’m one of the Hungarian’s leading executive, business and transformation coaches, specialising in supporting and elevating talented individuals to raise and reach their potential.

I support my clients in achieving remarkable advancements in their professional careers, personal lives, and mindset. This is accomplished by enhancing their personal and professional strategies, tools, and practices to create substantial and enduring impacts.

My methodology establishes a harmonious connection between your values and objectives, all while prioritizing your overall well-being. Genuine success arises from striking a balance and embracing your inner strength. I guide my clients in discovering, mastering, and accelerating their potential, empowering them to navigate their chosen paths.

My clientele includes professionals, entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, freelancers, and business owners worldwide. I collaborate with individuals both remotely and face-to-face in Budapest, refining and advancing aspects ranging from mindset and personal branding to business strategy. I advocate for mindfulness, strategic thinking, positivity, and personal empowerment, always prioritizing the success and well-being of my fabulous clients.

What psychological topics can you turn to me with?

We can effectively manage the challenges that arise in our lives by addressing our life management issues and stuck life situations. We seek effective responses to a decrease in motivation and joy, as well as workplace problems, career stagnation, and burnout. We also help find solutions for stress management and relationship issues, including difficulties in finding a partner. Midlife crises, discovering internal resources, finding one's own path, starting anew, and developing self-awareness and self-esteem are all considered areas where the goal is to establish balance and create a harmonious collaboration with life.

What coaching and organizational development topics can you turn to me with?

The path to becoming a leader rests on three main pillars: the development of leadership identity, leadership style, and leadership skills. Additionally, strengthening skills such as strategic thinking, change management, and performance enhancement is crucial for successful leadership. Developing self-awareness and social awareness helps deepen individual and team dynamics, while conflict resolution, assertiveness, and team building support effective communication and collaboration. The development of delegation, empowerment, and feedback further strengthens the harmonious functioning of the entire leadership spectrum.

A brief summary of my professional journey in coaching and therapy

In Budapest, in 2022, under the leadership of Andrea Bálint, I participated in the 90-hour Schema Therapy Module I, II, and III ISST Approved Training. In 2018, I attended the Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship led by Dr. Scott R. Woolley in Budapest. In 2016, I completed supervisor training organized by the Hungarian Coaching-Psychology Association under the guidance of Dr. Iván Török. In 2015, I took the Success Factor Modeling course in Santa Cruz, USA, led by Robert B. Dilts. I obtained the Coaching Psychologist License and completed Leadership and Business Coach training in Budapest in 2015. In 2014, I participated in Trainer training organized by Sämling Solution Consulting in Budapest. In 2013, I took part in preparatory training for counseling conversations in Budapest, organized by KRE Soulító Student Counseling. In 2012, I completed the Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming course in Santa Cruz, USA.

Unrealized Potential

Achieving success goes beyond reaching a specific goal; it also involves cultivating a mindset that consistently motivates you to pursue your objectives with clarity, focus, and unwavering determination. In my coaching practice, I encourage you to tap into the untapped possibilities of your success. I do this by guiding you through proven practices towards achievement.

What is your experience with coaching?

Coaching entails professional assistance that guides you on your journey and adapts to your unique circumstances to facilitate tangible transformation. Consider the analogy of hiring a personal trainer to support your weight loss or fitness goals. Similarly, as a coach, I offer expert guidance, strategic discussions, and mindset exercises to ensure that you not only can but also will attain your objectives.

Coaching clients
Psichology clients

in a safe environment

The psychological counseling is a supportive process that helps to understand and manage emotional, mental, and behavioral challenges. The process promotes the development of self-awareness, strengthening of self-confidence, stress management, resolution of relationship problems, and improvement of the quality of life. The goal of psychological counseling is to harness individual resources and enhance life skills for achieving a complete and balanced life.

in a safe environment

Life coaching often focuses on developing self-awareness, defining life purpose and values, setting and achieving goals, creating specific plans and actions, and increasing self-confidence and motivation. Through 8-10 solution-focused conversations, we collaboratively identify strengths and opportunities that will contribute to more effective handling of challenges. It's important to note that life coaching is not therapy or counseling; instead, it is a partnership that assists individuals on their path toward achieving their goals.


Executive Coaching provides personalized support to leaders, entrepreneurs, or professionals in leadership positions, aiming to enhance their performance, effectiveness, and personal development, ultimately resulting in improved organizational or business performance. Through coaching, leaders' identities are strengthened, their leadership styles refined, leading to increased personal effectiveness.


Refers to activities and initiatives aimed at improving and enhancing the effectiveness, efficiency, and overall capabilities of an organization and its leaders. This process may involve various strategies such as training programs, skill-building exercises, mentoring, and coaching to foster growth, adaptability, and leadership skills within the organization.

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